charles bukowski love poem

Bukowski Reads His Poem “Love”

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Charles Bukowski reading his poem “Love.” This seems a fitting enough post for Valentine’s Day. Bukowski didn’t like holidays, chances are especially wasn’t a fan of this one, so this downtrodden little rumination on love seems like the only fitting thing to post today. Or maybe nothing at all would …

loving and hating charles bukowski

Linda King Reads Poetry About Charles Bukowski (Videos)

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Linda King and Charles Bukowski were together in an on-again-off-again relationship for around five years. The relationship started when King, a talented sculptress, asked Bukowski if she could do a bust of his head. Bukowski wrote about her extensively, in both poetry and prose. She was the model for the …

bukowski portishead mashup

Charles Bukowski Meets Portishead in New Mashup Video

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There are quite a few Charles Bukowski mash up videos out there. We’ve featured a couple on this siteĀ in the past (Bukowski, …

Charles Bukowski Bluebird Video

Bukowski Poem Bluebird Turned Into Minecraft Animated Video

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The Charles Bukowski poem “Bluebird” is one of his most famous, most anthologized works. There are countless “Bluebird” videos; two of the …

Charles Bukowski Portrait Painting Using Sauce Bottles (VIDEO)

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Charles Bukowski Painting Charles Bukowski paintings are pretty common, but not too many of them are created using drippings from sauce bottles. …

roll the dice

“All The Way” Short Film Based on the Charles Bukowski Poem “roll the dice” (VIDEO)

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The video above, titled “All The Way” and directed by Willem Martinot, uses the Charles Bukowski poem “roll the dice” along with …