Charles Bukowski Bluebird Video

Bukowski Poem Bluebird Turned Into Minecraft Animated Video

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The Charles Bukowski poem “Bluebird” is one of his most famous, most anthologized works. There are countless “Bluebird” videos; two of the best being Harry Dean Stanton reading it in Born Into This, set to images of Bukowski, and this animated short, utilizing the same Stanton audio. The newest edition …

Charles Bukowski Painting

Charles Bukowski Portrait Painting Using Sauce Bottles (VIDEO)

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Charles Bukowski Painting Charles Bukowski paintings are pretty common, but not too many of them are created using drippings from sauce bottles. This interesting technique is captured in a time lapse video, uploaded to YouTube by user James Trotter. The audio includes Charles Bukowski talking about his work. Bukowski was …

roll the dice

“All The Way” Short Film Based on the Charles Bukowski Poem “roll the dice” (VIDEO)

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The video above, titled “All The Way” and directed by Willem Martinot, uses the Charles Bukowski poem “roll the dice” along with …

Barfly Bukowski Rourke Dunaway

Mickey Rourke on Charles Bukowski: He Was Okay for a Drunk

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Watch the video below, skipping forward to the 50 second mark to see Mickey Rourke talk about Barfly, Bukowski and director Barbet …

Charles Bukowski Dewars commercial

Charles Bukowski Poem Featured in Dewar’s Commercial

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The Charles Bukowski poem “so you want to be a writer?” is featured in a new commercial for Dewar’s scotch whisky. Doubtless, …

Charles Bukowski Hemingway drunk before noon.

Charles Bukowski on Scandinavian Television, and Finally the Picture of Hemingway Drunk Before Noon Appears

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During his lifetime, Charles Bukowski was more famous abroad than he was in his home country of America. As a result, many …