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Charles Bukowski Hemingway drunk before noon.

Charles Bukowski on Scandinavian Television, and Finally the Picture of Hemingway Drunk Before Noon Appears

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During his lifetime, Charles Bukowski was more famous abroad than he was in his home country of America. As a result, many of the interviews he gave were to the foreign press. This was true even late in his life, as witnessed by this appearance on Scandinavian television. He mostly …

Charles Bukowski Interview

How Charles Bukowski Outsmarted His Would Be Killer (VIDEO)

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Charles Bukowski did not suffer from a boring life. Nor did he lack for bravery. Here he tells an incredible story of almost getting killed by a madman. Bukowski gives credit to luck and to also being a nut. This Charles Bukowski interview comes from the DVD The Charles Bukowski …

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Charles Bukowski Explains Why He Wrote Poetry (Video)

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Charles Bukowski was a poet, but he wasn’t a huge fan of poetry. Or, at least, not most of it. He had as little patience for the poets themselves. So why would the man want to write poetry if he found it so distasteful? Here, in an excerpt from an …