Best Charles Bukowski Quotes from the Novel Factotum

bukowski factotum quotes

Picking the best Factotum quotes was no easy task. Picking the best Charles Bukowski quotes in any work is tough. The man could write. The novel, which was the second written by Charles Bukowski, was published in 1975. It was preceded by the novel Post Office (1971), and followed by…

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Portions From A Wine-Stained Notebook Charles Bukowski Quotes

Portions From A Wine-Stained Notebook Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski left a lot of great writing behind. He was so prolific, in fact, that much of his writing has only seen the light after his death in 1994. Many books of poetry, short stories and essays have been released posthumously. Portions From A Wine-Stained Notebook is one such…

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Charles Bukowski Spanish Publisher Jorge Herralde Receives The London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award 2012

charles bukowski Spanish translation

Spanish publisher and editor Jorge Herralde has been honored with The London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the ninth recipient of the annual award. Herralde’s Editorial Anagrama press is known as one of the best Hispanic publishers in the world. In addition to publishing a number of Spanish…

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Charles Bukowski and the Japanese Garden

charles bukowski stencil painting

When you run a Charles Bukowski fan site you end up finding out all kinds of things about the old guy you never knew. Like, for instance, that Bukowski used to go hang out in the recently reopened Japanese Garden at The Huntington Library, in San Marino. The Huntington, fans…

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Barfly Makes’s List of “The Best Movies About Drunken Writers You Probably Haven’t Seen”

barfly charles bukowski

Charles Bukowski is perhaps one of the least likely screenwriters in history. He was not a fan of movies, generally. Two of the more noteworthy Charles Bukowski quotes on movies illustrate the point: “of one hundred movies there’s one that is fair, one that’s good and ninety eight that are…

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