COTXETXE Charles Bukowski, Helios Mashup

Charles Bukowski, Helios Mashup.

Quality literary mashups are a rare commodity, even in a post Grey Album world where mashups of all kinds continue to be hot. So when you randomly stumble upon one worthy of a listen, it’s always a nice surprise. Stumbling upon a good Charles Bukowski mashup is even better. You…

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Charles Bukowski on Starving for His Art

charles bukowski on writing

This video comes from the interview based documentary The Bukowski Tapes, directed by Barbet Schroeder, who also directed the Charles Bukowski penned film Barfly. There is a transcript below the video. Charles Bukowski on Starving for Art Barbet Schroeder: You say that starving doesn’t create art, that it creates many…

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“show biz” Charles Bukowski Poem

last night of the earth poems bukowski poem

Another Charles Bukowski poem from The Last Night of the Earth Poems. This one is called “show biz” and there’s an animated video at the bottom of the page to go with this one, so check it out. show biz, by Charles Bukowski I can’t have it and you can’t…

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Charles Bukowski Poem “The Crunch” Video

charles bukowski poem

“The Crunch” is one of Charles Bukowski’s most notable poems, and this video, featuring entirely stock footage, is one of the best Charles Bukowski videos we’ve come across here at Bukowski Quotes. Text of the poem appears below. “The Crunch” Charles Bukowski too much too little too fat too thin…

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Gábor Csupó (The Simpsons, Rugrats, Bridge to Terabithia) Animated Short “Bukowski”

charles bukowski short film

We keep finding new Charles Bukowski videos and naturally want to share them with all of you, the loyal visitors to Bukowski Quotes. The latest discovery is the Gábor Csupó short “Bukowski.” The 2001 Csupó “Bukowski” short is based on the work of Charles Bukowski, and stars Bukowski alter-ego Henry…

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