Bukowski Poem Bluebird Turned Into Minecraft Animated Video

Charles Bukowski Bluebird Video

The Charles Bukowski poem “Bluebird” is one of his most famous, most anthologized works. There are countless “Bluebird” videos; two of the best being Harry Dean Stanton reading it in Born Into This, set to images of Bukowski, and this animated short, utilizing the same Stanton audio. The newest edition…

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“All The Way” Short Film Based on the Charles Bukowski Poem “roll the dice” (VIDEO)

roll the dice

The video above, titled “All The Way” and directed by Willem Martinot, uses the Charles Bukowski poem “roll the dice” along with original footage to create a moving short video. The video stars actor Imre Tigchelaar. Both men are from the Netherlands. The poem “roll the dice” appears in the…

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Charles Bukowski Poem Featured in Dewar’s Commercial

Charles Bukowski Dewars commercial

The Charles Bukowski poem “so you want to be a writer?” is featured in a new commercial for Dewar’s scotch whisky. Doubtless, many Bukowski fans will find the use of his work in an ad objectionable, as many did when his poem “The Laughing Heart” was used in a Levi’s…

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Charles Bukowski on Scandinavian Television, and Finally the Picture of Hemingway Drunk Before Noon Appears

Charles Bukowski Hemingway drunk before noon.

During his lifetime, Charles Bukowski was more famous abroad than he was in his home country of America. As a result, many of the interviews he gave were to the foreign press. This was true even late in his life, as witnessed by this appearance on Scandinavian television. He mostly…

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Charles Bukowski Poem “the wine of forever”

you get so alone at times bukowski cover

the wine of forever, by Charles Bukowski re-reading some of Fante’s The Wine of Youth in bed this mid-afternoon my big cat BEAKER asleep beside me. the writing of some men is like a vast bridge that carries you over the many things that claw and tear. Fante’s pure and…

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Charles Bukowski Poem “Captain Goodwine”

charles bukowski poem

Captain Goodwine, by Charles Bukowski one goes from being a poet to being an entertainer. I read my stuff in Florida once and the professor there told me, “you realize you’re an entertainer now, don’t you?”   I began to feel bad about that remark because when the crowd comes…

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“my father” Charles Bukowski Poem

charles bukowski father

In honor of father’s day, here’s a Charles Bukowski poem entitled “my father.” It appears in the poetry and short story collection Septuagenarian Stew. Bukowski’s father was abusive and as you can tell from this poem he didn’t admire the man in the least. my father, by Charles Bukowski was…

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COTXETXE Charles Bukowski, Helios Mashup

Charles Bukowski, Helios Mashup.

Quality literary mashups are a rare commodity, even in a post Grey Album world where mashups of all kinds continue to be hot. So when you randomly stumble upon one worthy of a listen, it’s always a nice surprise. Stumbling upon a good Charles Bukowski mashup is even better. You…

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“Mind and Heart” Charles Bukowski Poem

come on in bukowski poem

The Charles Bukowski poetry collection Come On In! was published posthumously in 2006. The poem “Mind and Heart” is emblematic of the earnest and often times moving poems found in this book. Mind and Heart, by Charles Bukowski unaccountably we are alone forever alone and it was meant to be…

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