“Barfly” Mentioned in Comic Web Series “Tales of Mere Existence” (VIDEO)

“Tales of Mere Existence” is a series of animated shorts, written and illustrated by artist Lev Yilmaz. The series, which bares a striking name resemblance to the Charles Bukowski short story collection Tales of Ordinary Madness, was created in 2002. The connection seems less coincidental and more an homage now, in light of the latest episode of “Tales of Mere Existence,” which is entitled “Why Do I Drink So Much?”

In the episode, Lev considers that one reason might be because he prefers to watch the Bukowski penned film Barfly over the more wholesome It’s A Wonderful Life.

If you’ve seen the film, you’ll notice that when he mentions Barfly he’s drawing the scene where Chinaski buys everyone a round of drinks, stands on the bar and shouts, “To all my friends!”

You can watch more “Tales of Mere Existence” on YouTube. There are also several DVDs and books available online.



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